Film Distribution

Alexa Films distribution packages:


Non-exclusive, cancel anytime.

The distribution packages are designed for a selective distribution.

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Complete distribution with Alexa Films:


The distribution of your movie (Feature Films, Short Films and Series) with Alexa Films includes a worldwide distribution on all digital platforms, and Free TV and Pay TV Sales. (iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Sony Playstation and more.)

The complete distribution with Alexa Films (selected films) has no registration cost or encoding, digital rights management protection, publishing etc..

With our complete distribution you will save thousands of dollars in fee, we will do everything for you.

At Alexa Films we are very versatile and can customize any distribution offer. Our premise is to give the best to our filmmakers.

The launch on the platforms can be scheduled for any future date.


VOD - Video on demand:


The Rights Holder receives the following royalty fees:


- TVoD: 70% per rental and 70% per electronic sale.
- SVoD: 70% of the net income generated by third party subscription deal.
- AVoD: 50% of the net income generated by third party advertisement subscription deal.


Some platforms like Netflix have to make a valuation of your film and accept it. In these cases, the rates negotiated in a case-by-case agreement.





If not otherwise noted by Rights Owner the territory is worldwide.




If not otherwise noted by Rights Owner the duration is 5 years from the date of contract.




In the exclusive agreement, the DVD, Theatrical distribution, Film festivals, and the platforms that Alexa Films does not work are free for the owner of the rights.


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SVOD refers to subscription video on demand. It is similar to traditional TV packages; allowing users to consume as much content as they desire at a flat rate per month. With SVOD, there is far greater freedom to opt out as users are not tied into a long term contract. This offers greater flexibility to users. Consequently, providers of SVOD are challenged with retaining consumers. Popular SVOD platforms:




TVOD, or transactional video on demand as it is known, is the opposite to subscription video. With TVOD, consumers purchase content on a pay per view basis. There are two sub-categories – known as Electronic Sell Through, by which consumers have permanent access to a piece of content once purchased; and download to rent where customers can access the content for a limited time upon renting. TVOD services tend to offer more recent releases, which is beneficial to rights holders for higher revenues and for consumers for getting timely access to new content. Popular TVOD platforms:





AVOD refers to advertising, or ad based, video on demand, and is free to consumers. However, much like television, consumers will have to sit through advertisements, – for instance on YouTube and 4OD where ad revenue is used to offset production and hosting costs. AVOD is typically employed by traditional channels, and as these move into online catch up TV, it’s likely we will see more of these in the future. However, premium content owners rarely use AVOD as it generates lower amounts of revenue than SVOD and TVOD. Popular AVOD platform: